Differences between charter flights and scheduled flights

Often chartered flights are associated with wealth and large businesses, but what really are the differences between chartered and scheduled flights? Let's take a deeper look into the specifics of how these two differ and whether or not you should ever consider catching a chartered flight.

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Chartered flights are planes that are leased by a private company and are often booked for groups, similar to chartered buses. They tend to have lower operating costs so customers can avail of cheaper airfares. Scheduled flights though are always operated by commercial airlines and sell tickets individually.


Because private companies lease these planes, chartered flights can be extremely flexible and can be a better fit for the client's needs. This is often one of the most appealing aspects of chartering a plane. Time isn’t wasted at the airport waiting to go through security and being there hours in advance. Charter operators can also change the schedule up to 24 hours before departure depending on preference. Scheduled flights have a set published time that these flights leave regardless of whether it is full or not.


Chartered flights land at the most suitable airport for the customer. They can land at much smaller airports where commercial airlines are either not allowed or find it difficult to land there. They are ideal for those going on holidays to islands where there are limited commercial flights as it saves you hours of layovers and the stress of catching connecting flights. Scheduled flights will often land only at major airports in cities.


Often chartered flights have flights that are regularly scheduled, but remember these are not scheduled flights. Chartered flights are flexible though and are constantly adjusted depending on the client’s needs. Scheduled flights are much more frequent and do not depend on the number of people on board.

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