Sail away on DFDS ferries from Newcastle

If you need to go to Europe then taking the ferry is a laid-back and stress-free way of travelling. Book an overnight cabin, enjoy a few drinks at the bar, or just take in the terrific oceans views while you travel, instead of worrying about flights and security lines at the airport. One of the busiest ferry operators in the world is DFDS and the Danish shipping firm run the Newcastle to Amsterdam route. Here is a look at what makes DFDS ferries so popular.

This route stops at both Ijmuiden for Amsterdam and the International Passenger Ferry Terminal in North Shields, just a short distance from Newcastle city centre. So for those seeking a holiday in the Netherlands, or as far away as France and Germany, this is a great way to travel. You can even bring your car, your bicycle or your caravan with you. Try fitting that on a plane!

One way prices to Amsterdam start from £149 for a car plus two adults sharing an inside berth. A return trip from the 14th of September to the 21st of September, meanwhile, will come in at around £354 when travelling with a car up to 1.84 metres long. This is without buying any extras such as buffet meals or drinks vouchers.

Whilst on board ships like the Princess of Norway passengers can enjoy the latest movies in the cinema, listen to live music in the Columbus Club, or even play a round of blackjack in the casino. There are 4 bars and 3 restaurants on board, for those who feel a bit peckish, serving a vast array of drinks and cuisines.

So taking DFDS ferries from Newcastle to Amsterdam could be a great way to travel to the continent this year. And with P&O and Brittany Ferries also offering numerous routes to Europe from other British cities, there's no need to fly.

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