Destination romance: London's South Bank?

To the singleton, the South Bank book market is instant heartburn. But fall in love and it's the most wonderful place to linger with your lover. The South Bank is unnerving. It's bigger than you think and it's easy to become utterly disorientated. And if the weather is anything less than spectacular the area instantly transforms into the bleakest-looking place in London – hurrah.

But then you fall in lurve and suddenly, it all makes sense. Look! A big, rushing river that you can stare into enigmatically if you don't want to say goodbye just yet. Vast expanses of pavement with no noisy traffic to drown out your voice as you utter sentences you can't believe you're daring to say. Most magical of all, row upon row of dusty old books that nobody on earth needs. But that's the point: nothing you do when you're falling in love is necessary.

There are hundreds of love stories sitting on each one of those tables. Maybe they didn't all make it into print, but that doesn't mean the air isn't foggy with romance, or is that just the London smog?

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