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  • 5 Party Places for New Year’s Eve

    5 Party Places for New Year’s Eve

    Holiday cheer escalates to a fever pitch come New Year’s Eve, especially in these places. A year can’t end without a party, to celebrate the blessings received the past year and to express hope for a better year ahead.

  • The Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

    The Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

    A group of small coral islands to the north of Papua New Guinea is what everyone imagines Pacific Islands to be: sandy beaches, blue lagoons, coconuts carpeting the entire island, friendly and fun-loving locals, and magnificent undersea life.

  • Low-cost Hotels in Lebanon

    Low-cost Hotels in Lebanon

    The traditional and the modern mesh together in Lebanon, a small country in the Middle East. Money is not an issue here, with lots of low-cost hotels scattered around the country.

  • Resplendent Romania Holidays

    Resplendent Romania Holidays

    Romania holidays are mostly spent as Halloween adventures, with lots of tourists on the prowl for the legendary Dracula. But apart from the “scary” affairs, it offers exceptional beauty evident in its grotesque monuments, majestic castles, and medieval towns.

  • 5 Spas Celebrities Love

    5 Spas Celebrities Love

    They work hard, but still stay beautiful. Just like mere mortals like us, celebrities need a dose of ultra-pampering, and these spas are just some of the massage heavens the rich and famous retreat to after a hard day of being glamorous.

  • Budget Hotels in Papua New Guinea

    Budget Hotels in Papua New Guinea

    Plan some al fresco fun in Papua New Guinea, with hotels that are not just cheap, but are right in the heart of nature too. There are loads of places which are easy on the eye and on the pocket too.

  • A Blessed Bethlehem Holiday

    A holiday in this Palestinian city remains popular especially to pilgrims worldwide who wish to see the birthplace of Christianity.

  • Flights to Cook Islands

    Flights to Cook Islands

    Cross the skies to an archipelago where time slows down, beaches beckon, and a lively culture entrances. Book a flight to the Cook Islands today for a holiday unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

  • Tropical Adventure Holidays in Papua New Guinea

    Tropical Adventure Holidays in Papua New Guinea

    Papua New Guinea lies just north of Australia, and shares the island of New Guinea with the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya. It’s the perfect destination for adventurers, and a holiday in Papua New Guinea offers endless thrills and wild delights.

  • Swept Away in Broome

    Swept Away in Broome

    In a city as remote as Perth, secluded getaways far from the crowds are always a possibility. And in Broome, a once historical pearling town in the Kimberley region, relaxation is the main dish, satisfying tourists on Perth holidays.

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