We try to find companies offering the best deals to Legoland

Looking for a holiday with a bit of a difference? Legoland are running some unbelievable offers right now to try and tempt punters through the doors, so in this blog, we are going to show you the deals to Legoland can expect to find online right now!

Legoland in Windsor has been packing them in for years, and after undergoing a recent massive refurbishment, it is putting on some brilliant offers, including some outstanding Kids Go Free deals. Your first port of call to avail of these breaks should be the Legoland site at http://www.legolandholidays.co.uk.

Here you will find some of the generous promotions the company is running at the moment. These include a second day free for all of 2011, Free tickets for Chessington's World of Adventures, Kids Go Free places, Kids eat for one pound,and Kids go free on ALL two night holidays.

This site also pulls together Hotel and Admission deals that help you save an absolute bundle. To give an example of these deals, they are offering a night's accommodation and two days admission to the park for a family of four at Legoland for an incredible £190. The Hotel you will be staying at is the Four Star Beaumont Estate, which is situated a mere seven miles from the park.

If you are willing to travel to a hotel situated just ten miles from the park, then you can get a similar deal at the Four Star Hilton Bracknell for just £160, representing an unbelievable bargain!


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