The Best Deal of the Day Holidays

Deal of the Day are some of the top UK travel options for travellers. It has a wide catalogue of destinations that covers five continents. You can take an airplane, cruise ship or coach. Deal of the Day has every option for reliable transportation, destination, and itinerary in order to fulfill every customer's requirements. This travel agency offers great deals for holidays since it is linked with tour operators abroad. These are some of the most recommendable Deal of the Day holidays.

Las Palmas – Gran Canarias

Deal of the Day offers a tour to Las Palmas, an island located in Gran Canarias, Spain, for £314. This price includes two direct air tickets as well as a one night stay in a bedroom for two people at the Vista Oasis. The Visa Oasis is a complex of bungalows located 3 kilometres away from Maspalomas Beach. This price includes breakfast and you’ll be able to enjoy hotel amenities such as tennis courts, bars and balconies. The departure for this tour is set for June 8th.

Sunny Beach – Bulgaria

This tour to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria includes a 7 night stay at the Park Hotel Continental, which is located three blocks away from the beach, so you’ll enjoy a perfect view of the bay. This deal is ideal for families who want to relax and have a quiet holiday. The Park Hotel Continental has many sports facilities that include restaurants, bars, pools, and night events. The base price of this deal is £298 per person and the departure date is set for May 30th.

Aegean Coast – Turkey

You can buy this tour to the Aegean Coast, in Turkey, for £376. This price includes a 7 night stay at the Belacassa Suite Hotel, located in the Gumbet Resort, located just 100 metres away from the beach in the Bodrum peninsula. This destination is envisioned for people who are looking to relax in the beach, but who also want to enjoy evening drinks at bars and dance clubs, since Gumbet Resort often attracts young people.

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