Great Dawson and Sanderson holidays!

Are you thinking of going on a holiday and cannot find a suitable company to book with? Dawson and Sanderson holidays could be exactly what you are looking for.

Dawson and Sanderson have been in the holiday business for over forty years and with over 6 million people having booked with them you are sure to find your perfect holiday. They will guarantee that you get the best value holiday available as their employees scour the market for the best possible deals for family holidays, last minute deals and package holidays.

At the minute there is very good deals available with a wide variety of destinations to choose from. From the Canaries, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey they are all there to choose from.

A great deal currently on offer with Dawson and Sanderson holidays could see you end up spending a magnificent week in the Greek Resort of Paphos. You can get this holiday package today for an amazing price of £299 per person. You will stay in the beautiful Paphiessa Hotel Apartments which is situated ideally with great access to all the bars and restaurants, beaches and watersport activities. This price also includes flights in and out, all your taxes and charges, baggage costs and all transfers.

So do not  decide on the holiday that is right for you until you log on to www.holidayco.co.uk or call 0800 954 3701 and talk to an advisor to view all the other unbelievable bargains that are available from Dawson and Sanderson holidays.

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