Why David Winter cottages are your perfect collectibles

David Winter cottages

Mention the word cottage collectibles and the first name that comes to mind is David Winter. His artistically sculpted cottages are not only renowned in the confines of the UK, but the world over. David Winter cottages are a collector’s item. The collectibles have existed since 1979 and are sold through a variety of distributors at different prices.

The cottages are sculpted to the finest detail and are more appealing since the designs are hand-crafted. The sculptor uses pale yellow wax, which is ideal for the job since it is easier to work especially in highlighting the finer details.

To add to the allure of the cottage, his cottages have a hidden mouse or owl, which you should discover. This is a good way to enchant your visitors to find the mysterious mouse or owl. Visit the www.davidwintercottages.co.uk for more information on the history and photos of his famous pieces.

Some of his famous works include the J-Hine-5535, which was made for Christmas 1988, Fred’s home made for the 1991 Christmas, Queen Elizabeth Slept Here¸ a Christmas Carol 1989, Mister Fezziwig’s Emporium 1990 among others. Visit www.ebay.com to make bids or buy the winter cottages. The prices will vary according to the make and availability, with some ranging from £5 while others will even sell for £90.

After purchasing any of the David Winter Cottages, you will need to take great care of it, to not only keep it from damage but also retain its worth since they are rare items. Use a dry cloth to dust it and soft brushes such as a toothbrush to remove dust that may be in spaces where the cloth may not reach. You should also keep it from water since the wax may disintegrate or direct sunlight. Should it break, seek a professional to repair it for you to avoid worsening the crack.

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