Fantastic David Urquhart tours

There are fantastic David Urquhart tours available by, coach, air and sea. David Urquhart Travel was launched in September 1983 offering coach holidays to the public. In 1994 David Urquhart Sky Travel was launched offering holidays by air and cruises. The aim of the company is to provide quality holidays at low prices.

The company has a website called davidurquhart.com, which you can go onto to see the deals being offered. On it you will find holidays by coach, holidays by air and cruise holidays.

The coach tour holidays include all the major resorts and scenic areas of Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and Jersey, along with a rapidly developing European coach tour holiday programme. The company offers a coach tour to the Isle of Wright, which includes a hotel and three excursions of the island for £219.

The company’s air holidays include flights to Costa Blanca, the Canary Islands, Majorca, Portugal, Canada, USA and many more. A two week holiday in Lanzarote, on a self catering basis will cost you £329 through this company.

The David Urquhart Cruise holidays offered have very competitive prices as well. You have a choice of cruising from a UK port or flying from your local airport to join your ship abroad. David Urquhart has some fantastic offers with all the major cruise companies, including Thomson, Fred Olsen and Island Cruises. A two week cruise around the Canary Islands called the Canarian escape costs £319 per person for three nights.

David Urquhart tours offer a variety of competitive holidays by coach, air and sea. There are special offers uploaded to their site on a regular basis so for the best deals visit their website today.

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