Enjoy a David Urquhart day trip to Belfast

If you’ve ever fancied a trip to Belfast for the day but you’re not keen on spending too long behind the wheel, why not travel by coach? A David Urquhart day trip to Belfast promises you all the luxuries and necessities you could reasonably expect from coach travel with a firm who are focused on friendly and reliable service.

About the firm

David Urquhart Travel have been in the business for 30 years. In that time, they have taken more than 3 million holidaymakers to their chosen destination and they’ve amassed a fleet that has now made them the largest privately owned coach holiday tour firm operating in the UK. They’re fully trust bonded and they operate across the UK and Europe. If you’re not considering a David Urquhart day trip to Belfast, but you would like to go on a coach trip, the firm also operate in Scotland, Wales, Austria, France, Germany, Holland, and Italy.

Coach travel

As they’re the largest tour operator of their kind in the UK, they are well equipped to provide a level of service and comfort that other operators can’t. All of the coaches in their fleet have toilet facilities, and individually reclining seats with seat belts.

The size of the fleet also means that there will be no coach changes on your journey, so you’ll go straight to your destination, but the best thing about travelling with David Urquhart is that they’ll pick you up from your local area which saves time and effort and means that you can get that holiday feeling a little earlier than you can with other operators.


A David Urquhart day trip to Belfast could give you the opportunity to take in some of the city’s greatest attractions like the Belfast Wheel, Albert Clock, Cave Hill, Stormont Castle, The Odyssey Arena or St. George’s Market. The Titanic Museum could be a stop if you’re into history and culture. If you’re travelling with kids, Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory in East Belfast is a must.

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