Fantastic David Urquhart coach holidays 2011

David Urquhart coach holidays in 2011 offer great value deals for coach holidays between Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. The company was established in 1983 and is now Britain’s largest privately-owned coach holiday operator.

The company has a website called davidurquhart.com, which you can find deals being offered, as well as the departure and destination points primarily throughout the UK.

One of the deals currently on offer is the Isle of Wight Explorer for £219. This is a package deal which includes travel to and from Shanklin, Isle of Wight. You will be staying in the Langham Court Hotel, which boasts heated swimming pool. You will receive four nights dinner, bed and breakfast. As an extra bonus to the package, three excursions are included, which lets you explore the Isle of Wright to its full potential.

The bus you are picked up in will be the bus you have for the duration of your excursion, eliminating the need for excessive transfer of buses as many of their competitors do. This eliminates undue stress for the passengers and lets them take in the scenic beauty of the holiday.

If you decide to book a coach holiday with David Urquhart you will receive your tickets and luggage labels approximately one week prior to departure. The company prides itself on customer satisfaction and it is a great way to explore the UK and Ireland at a minimal expense. The routes are well-planned and everything is done in advance with regards to the package offered. So visit their website today and book the coach trip of a lifetime!

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