Daniel Radcliffe buys New York penthouse

Making one of his most notable purchases since his coming of age and fortune at 18, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has bagged himself a rather tastey luxury apartment on the fifth floor of a 13 storey block in Manhattan's exclusive SoHo district.

He'll be taking up residence just before Peter Schaffer's hit play 'Equus' takes Broadway by storm in September 2008. Until then, Radcliffe plans to rent the property out for $20,000 per month, so if you're interested in a short term rental, let him know.

The two bed apartment was designed by Jean Nouvel and comes complete with Friends-style floor-to-ceiling windows. Of course a 50ft swimming pool, sauna and steam room are also part of the deal.

A far cry from his 18th birthday declaration (when he was able to access his £23 million fortune) "The things I like buying are things that cost about £5 - books, CDs and DVDs."

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