Dally awhile in Dingle

Yes, only in Ireland can you do your grocery shopping, get those DIY materials you needed and have a pint of the Black Stuff while the man behind the counter adds up your bill.

And there is no better place on the whole island to do this than in Dick Mac’s bar on Green Street, in Dingle, County Kerry.

But it’s not all drinking and blethering about the weather. Dingle and its surroundings have so much culture that they could keep the yogurt industry going forever.

Over the years, people have arrived in Dingle and never left. The reason for this could be as simple as the call of the wild, or it might be that, although the town is a magnet for tourists during the summer, it lives at its own pace from October to May.

Such a pace of life engenders thought and creativity, so it’s little surprise that the area is dotted with galleries and workshops, and a lot of woolly bearded men with paint stains on their dungarees.

Yet it isn’t just the art that’s at the heart of Dingle, it’s the people. You go there, look around and return home with a different perspective. Simple as that. Go on to the dingle-peninsula.ie and dinglefilmfestival.com websites for more information on this unique little village, which is known throughout Ireland by its Irish name, 'Daingean'.

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