Dali's Moustache - grow one yourself and hit Barcelona

Football supporters, for the most part, are boring. Madrid supporters, well they're just annoying. If pushed to choose a side, we’ll always swing left and support Barcelona; it’s purely political – mainly becauseBarcelona is a far superior holiday destination than Madrid could ever hope to be.

The proof? Go there yourself and find out. Oh and it might help to book into a B&B. Check out the new range of Barcelona’s Urban B&Bs. The Five Rooms is a bounty of hip, with neon yellow or grey blankets on the beds, modern artworks and ceiling height windows. Cool common areas in which to hang out featuring a funky white sofa with red cushions and oversized bulbs dangling from the ceiling will make you linger longer. Check out thefiverooms.com.

Aside from the hostel shenanigans, wicked tapas selection and the finest coffee in the world, the best thing about Barcelona is The Dali Museum in Figeras, a 2 hour train ride north into the museum designed by Dali himself. It’s as close as you’ll ever get to living in a Dali painting itself.

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