Dakar: a vibrant and colourful city.

Dakar may not be the wealthiest city in the world, but it's certainly one of the liveliest. Locals attired in brightly coloured fabrics fill the streets and local peddlers will try to sell you their wares. Made up of a conglomeration of villages and old French colonial towns, this sprawling city is a hub of constant noise and activity, reports the Guardian.

Good deals are to be found on accommodation if you avoid the expensive hotels on the place d’Independence and head for the quieter areas. 15 minutes from the city centre and only 5 minutes from the airport, the Hotel du Phare offers rooms from £27.

Head up Les Marmelles for a magnificent view of the city. From here you can also see the grand Le Renaissance Afriquaine, a giant statue which at 49 metres is taller than the Statue of Liberty. L’Institut Français is always worth a visit, as are some of the local markets and the Ile de Gorée, which includes several historic buildings such as the House of Slaves.

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