Dahab, Egypt: swim, snorkel, dive or windsurf.

If you’re starting to feel seriously sun-deprived, you may like to head south to the shores of the Red Sea this autumn. The relentless summer sun is slightly on the wane, with temperatures around 30ºC and the good news is- it is highly unlikely to rain.

Flights to the Sinai Peninsula will take you to Sharm El Sheikh, a tourist resort offering five-star luxury hotels, casinos, camel riding and desert safaris, as well as excellent opportunities for water sports. However 50 miles north, on the east coast of the peninsula, lies Dahab, a former Bedouin fishing village, which is smaller, quieter and attracts a more laid-back crew, reports The Guardian.

The Bedouins and their influence remain and the waterfront restaurants, where you eat on low tables and lounge on large cushions by the sea, add to the Bohemian feel.

Its big tourist draw is diving; the famous Blue Hole is just 5 miles from town and Masbat is a popular diving destination. The less experienced can pack their snorkels and still see all different kinds of colourful Red Sea fish and turtles. The excellent wind conditions also attract windsurfers to the area.

Easyjet flies from London Gatwick, Luton and Manchester to Sharm El Sheikh from £190 return.

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