Don’t miss ‘Meet in Town’, a trendy music festival taking place in Rome this month.

Rome may be spilling over with classical antiquities but it's hosting a buzzing music festival this month which is showcasing the industries latest sounds. So if you’re at a loose end next weekend, book a cheap flight and head for the eternal city.

‘Meet in Town’ (www.meetintown.com) will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of July at the Auditorium Parco della Muusica on the Viale Pietro de Coubertin and will be blasting out electronic, indie and live music to its audience. Primal Scream are set to open the event on Friday, with Apparat Band, Modeselektor and Lamb performing on Saturday. There’ll also be a tribute to Miles Davis from talented Italian jazz performers.

A day pass costs just €40 or €65 for the whole event and tickets can be bought on line, at the Auditorium or at Vicolo del Cedro 10.

Easy jet flies to Rome Fiumicino from Bristol and London Gatwick airports and Ryanair to Rome Ciampino from a number of UK airports.

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