Cyprus villas right here, waiting for you

If you are heading to the exotic destination of Cyprus this holiday, then you are in the right place! Why dont you spoil yourself this holiday and book yourself, your family and your friends into a luxurious Cyprus villa? Whether you have money to burn or need to watch your purse strings, here you can find Cyprus villas to suit all budgets.

If you are on a bit of a tight budget this Cyprus holiday, take a look at the Villa Lofos Village. For just £225 to £375 per week (depending on the season) you can stay in a peaceful and secluded two-bedroom villa just a short drive away from the unspoilt beach of Polis. You also have a fully-equipped kitchen, a couple of comfy sofa beds, a satellite TV, DVD player, access to a solar-heated pool and more!

If you can afford to splash out a tad more, we suggest you stay in the Villa Coralina. With three en-suite bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a sauna, terraces, fully-equipped kitchen, all complete with stunning sea views...you simply wont want to leave the villa! Located near the Island of Aphrodite, this villa costs between £763 and £2065 per week, depending on the month you choose to stay. All villas are can be reserved and paid for directly online, using a credit card.

For a wider choice of Cyprus villas and more information on those that we have already mentioned here, log on to the website belonging to Cyprus Property and Villas. This is a UK registered company based both in the UK and Cyprus, and they pride themselves on letting only the villas and apartments of the highest quality.

Make this Cyprus holiday a truely memorable experience, book yourself a Cyprus villa now!

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