Cyprus on a Budget

Cyprus can easily pass of as a playground of the gods; it’s supposedly where the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born, and the place where famous singer George Michael and Olympian Fatima Whitbread trace their roots. Thankfully, though, Cyprus holidays aren’t only meant for the rich and famous. From restaurants to tourist attractions and nightclubs, travellers are sure to find cheap treats here!

Cyprus Dining

  • Cenap Restaurant. The seemingly endless supply of meze in this budget restaurant is more than enough to fill tourists’ hungry stomachs. And what food lover wouldn’t be satisfied? With meze’s over 30 different varieties including meat, fish, halloumi (soft cheese), and stifado (beef stew), anyone is bound to be stuffed. Leave some room in your tummy for the entrees, which follow after about 200 meze.
  • PizzaExpress. This affordable restaurant is a fine example of Cyprus’ rock-bottom prices. Apart from its great menu and reasonable rates, the restaurant’s interesting history is appealing, too. Its first branch in the UK was opened after founder Peter Boizot tasted his first pizza in Florence, Italy, and realised that “UK lacked a pizza worth its name.” After the first pizza oven was brought all the way from Rome, PizzaExpress opened its doors, and brought the “authentic Italian pizza” to British people. Now Cypriots can enjoy the same lovely treat!

Cyprus Sightseeing

  • Limassol Castle. This free attraction is where Richard the Lionheart supposedly married Queen Berengaria of Navarre in 1191 and crowned her queen—the first ever coronation and royal marriage involving British royalty that didn’t take place in England. The Cyprus Medieval Museum is located here, featuring cannons, tombstones, and glass and marble artefacts from 400-870 AD.
  • Paphos. This city is where Aphrodite rose out of the water—at least, according to stories. Explore the numerous popular tourist attractions, which are either free or come with a small fee: Tombs of the Kings, the Acropolis, and Baths of Aphrodite.

Cyprus Partying

  • Greenery Bar Protaras. This pub keeps on thumping 365 days a year, and offers appetising dishes at affordable prices. Drop by during the happy hour (9 to 10pm), and avail of cocktails at only 1 GBP! Karaoke, live sports, Internet, and pool are additional perks.

Cyprus Shopping

  • Arasta Sokagi. North Nicosia’s main shopping district is home to everything inexpensive—clothing (particularly jeans), shoes, souvenirs, and handicrafts!

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