Cyprus Flights from the UK

Situated in the islands of the beautiful eastern Mediterranean sea, Cyprus is a top tourist destination in Euroasia. The country is known for its jaw-dropping beach scenery, storied history and culture as well as its generally relaxing pace of life. It is a popular place for UK retirees to flock to. Located near Greece and Turkey, this island nation speaks both the Greek and Turkish languages; many people from Cyprus are also able to speak English quite fluently.

Flights to Cyprus from the UK take off every day and it is relatively simple to find Cyprus flights online. A ton of online travel sites are available to purchase airfares to Cyprus from. So when you are ready to purchase, get to surfing those travel sites.

Once you have decided when you want to travel to Cyprus, it is time to begin researching flights and performing price comparisons. Most travel experts recommend comparing over ten different travel sites to get the lowest possible price on airfare. This is especially true for Cyprus flights, as Cyprus is a very popular travel spot.

Listed below are two examples of London to Cyprus airfares. It will give you an idea of a general price range for such flights.

At British Airways, a leading online flight provider, the price for a round trip flight from London to Cyprus is going for £395. The flight is for the dates of 07.10.2011 to 13.10.2011. This price counts extra fees and airfare taxes.

At Orbitz, another leading online flight sale center, the price for a London to Cyprus round trip flight is going for €319 for the same dates as above.

Other sites to check for Cyprus flights include Expedia, Kayak, eDreams, Hotwire, Student Universe and many others. Be sure to do comparisons.

If you need to save cash, search for Cyprus flights during the weekday. Moreover, go to Cyprus during low-traffic air times, such as mid-February.

Best of luck and have a blast in Cyprus!

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