Cycling holidays made easy.

If you like cycling but prefer freewheeling to hard slog, you have probably never considered a cycling holiday. But it’s not just masochists in kagools or the super fit who take to the road on two wheels.

Headwater (www.headwater.com) has taken the pain out of pedalling by doing all the legwork. Quiet, scenic, UK and European routes are provided which are graded to suit your level of fitness. These include options for avoiding hills, even in Switzerland, allowing you to enjoy the mountain backdrop, breathless only from the arresting view.

Before setting off, you are given your bicycle with a demonstration on how to use it and told how to repair that dreaded, albeit unlikely, puncture. But here’s the best thing: on touring holidays your luggage is taken from hotel-to-hotel, leaving you free to truly travel light and in selected regions, any wine purchases you make en-route will be picked up.

Tailor-made itineraries include gastronomic country lanes in Chianti and Provence, fairytale villages in the Czech Republic and coastal paths on the island of Gozo. And as advised, you always start off ‘with just enough exercise to work up an appetite for the next great meal’.

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