Cultural camping? What’s it all about?

Camping: either you love it (the camaraderie, fresh air and sleeping under the stars) or you hate it (no private bathroom, a stiff back and perhaps sleeping with the odd creepy crawly). But times have changed and it’s no longer a case of having to pitch your tent alongside any old Tom, Dick or Harry. What’s more, if you’re wondering whether to give it a try, there are plenty of stylish campsite cultural summer events to encourage you to take the plunge. We’ve chosen two of the best from a Guardian Travel list.

Head for Lulworth Castle Dorset (pictured) this July where Camp Bestival (020-7379 3133) is held from the 28th-31st. There’s live music from Laura Marling, Katy B, Blondie, and Primal Scream, great activities for the kids, including a modern rock opera/natural history musical, author readings, offerings from the English National Ballet and comedy acts to keep you entertained.

There are four camping areas in the grounds of the 17th-century mock castle, each with car park, amenities and eating area. If you don’t fancy putting up your tent, you can choose from tipis and yurts, boutique Gypsy caravans, pre-pitched tents or little huts called podpads. There’s also an area for campervans.

If you’re free earlier in the month, the Port Eliot Festival in Port Elliot, south-east Cornwall, is held from the 21st-24th in 6,000 acres of beautiful parkland. There are pre-pitched tents, or you can go up-market and rent a Gypsy bow-top caravan complete with Liberty-print curtains. There are also airstream vans and fully furnished yurts and tipis, or bring your own caravan or campervan. The programme for this year is yet to be confirmed but it’s bound to be inspirational!

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