Breakaway to Gorgeous Cuba Hotels!

Cuba hotels

Fancy smoking a fine Cuban cigar while downing some local rum in Havana? If so then you will be delighted to know that we are about to help you find top Cuba hotels to make your trip truly memorable. So what are you waiting for, get booking!

Booking.com is a great resource whenever you are booking hotels anywhere in the world and Cuba is certainly no exception. You will be returned a list of 20 hotels to choose from and all come with a ringing endorsement by the very fact they are included in Booking.com's database.

Hotels here can be booked from just £40 per night up to £250 per night all depending on your preferences. The website is fully functional and easy to use and you can book your room very quickly indeed. Go to www.booking.com/ to browse available hotels.

For more Cuba hotels you should visit Select a Room. They have a great selection of hotels in Havana and you can browse by price and the number of stars a hotel has. There are handy little bits of information posted with each hotel and price too that gives you information like all-inclusive, best value, kids go free and boutique hotel.

There are some real bargains to be found on Select a Room with prices as low as £30 per night for a 3 star hotel. FOr those of you more interested in luxury then fret not as there are plenty of boutique hotels and 5 star options to choose from too. Visit www.select-a-room.com/hotels/cuba/havana to view hotels in Cuba.

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