Cuba holidays and breaks from Ireland

The Caribbean offers the perfect getaway from the dreary weather in Ireland and top of the list of countries to visit is Cuba.  Described once upon a time as a "large, rich, beautiful island" by Winston Churchill, Cuba is made up of the main island, Isla de la Juventud and many archipelagos.  It doesn't take long after touching down at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana to realise that you have arrived in paradise.

There are lots of things to see and do while in Cuba.  The people are warm, friendly and fun-loving so experiencing the nightlife is a must with some cuba libres.  Havana offers cultural experiences like nowhere else.  Old Havana charms you with its old cars and colourful old buildings and here you can amble for hours on end.  Staying in 'casas particulares', which are homestays, you can experience the daily life of locals and spending at least one night out of your hotel here is highly recommended.

Rumba is the local dance of choice and rumba sessions can begin spontaneously at any time in Cuba so keep your eyes and ears peeled for a chance to show off some of your moves.  As you are in the Caribbean a trip to the beach is a must and Havana is close to some gorgeous sandy coastline.  Just 20 minutes away lie Playas del Este, a stretch of beaches one after the other all offering their own allure and draw.

Cuba holidays from Ireland are possible most of the year round as the weather is generally good.  March and April are the driest months of the year and are also cheaper times to fly.  July and August is the peak period for tourism and this is also when flights are at their most expensive.  The time to be most on your guard though is September and October as this when the worst hurricanes randomly hit the islands.  Cruises that stop off in Cuba are another option but because of the beauty and culture on offer, Cuba is a destination that definitely demands a longer stay than the 1 or 2 days a cruise can offer.

Sunway.ie offer an all-inclusive 7 night stay in a 5 star resort with prices starting from €913 depending on the time of year.  This package includes return flights and all your meals with a 24-hour snack service in case you are still a little peckish.  Sunway offer you the chance to visit Cuba in the last week of August through to the end of October and you must book before the 31st of July.

Caribbeancollection.ie also offer a variety of all-inclusive 7 day package holidays and you can choose from a number of resorts around the islands of Cuba.  Prices range between €900 and €1100 depending on location and these packages are available throughout September and October.  There is more than enough choice to ensure you find a suitable holiday to Cuba and escape Ireland for a week.

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