Cruisin’ the Med – live the high life and take to the high seas

An all inclusive holiday taking in nine or ten different ports gives you everything. All food is provided along with special dress-for-dinner evenings where you may even get the chance to sit at the Captain’s table. The ship itself has masses of entertainment in the form of casinos, theatres, cinema and sports facilities. You can relax even more by taking advantage of the onboard spa and health centre.

When the ship is in port you can hop ashore and join one of the specially laid on excursions or take to the tourist trail and explore on your own. You can dine in a harbourside restaurant, buy some tacky souvenirs or just mingle with the locals. When you’re done you just jump back on board, go for a walk round the deck, dress for dinner and order a cocktail.

All the major cruise companies are offering great deals at the moment. Check out P&O, Cruise Line Ltd and Thomson. Why on earth (or sea) wouldn’t you go for this luxurious type of holiday? It’s a must!

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