Cruises to suit everyone

Tired of sea-sick pensioners huddled by the rail on an ocean-liner? Fed-up with miles and miles of unaffordable designer shops crowding your companion way? Don't need a cheesy disco every night with an Elvis impersator and karoake? We have news for you: cruises have moved into the 21st Century. For those tied to their own motor this Summer or for families determined to jet off to exotic locations, we include three cruise-ship alternatives that will wet your appetite for the wide blue yonder.

Aqua Expeditions, Peru

Like a gargantuan designer loft floating effortlessly on the surface of the sea, the 130 foot 'M/V Aqua' offers a perfect vista onto the savage thrills of the Amazon river and its environs. By day, experts in flora and fauna bring passengers in contact with rare creatures, such as pink river dolphins and sloths. By night, comfort is certainly not compromised as white canopies and beckoning day-beds offer a seat to the spectacle of the setting sun. A platform into paradise. www.aquaexpeditions.com

Nour El Nil, Egypt

Taking inspiration from the traditional vessels that took 19th century adventurers up and down this mighty river, Nour El Nil have created a homage to stately travel with their red and white decorated sail boats, designed to take 20 passengers on this historic tour. Traditional Egyptian meals made from the finest local ingredients are served to guests reclining in luxury as the ships visit Luxor, Aswan and many other landmark locations. Experience for yourself, first-hand, the role this river played in the economy, history and politics of ancient Egypt. www.nourelnil.com

REI Antartica Icebreaker Cruise

For those for whom the climbing wall and 'calm water cruising' on board a normal ship just aren't thrilling enough, these tubs have been reinforced to behave like battleships, designed to withstand bashes from the occasional iceberg - crikey! In the capable hands of a team of experts, wayfarers will learn about geology, geography and the scientific importance of this mysterious part of the world. Getting out of the comfort of your cosy cabins, this adventure will see passengers hiking across ice-covered expanses and visiting research stations. Not for the faint-hearted! REI Icebreaker Cruise

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