Great new cruises departing from Liverpool

Liverpool's recently built £18m Cruise Line facility now means you can cruise around Europe direct from the city centre. Liverpool has proven an immensely popular destination and starting point for cruises in recent years and the variety of cruises is only set to increase. Here are a selection of the most popular cruises Liverpool has to offer.

Cruise and Maritime Voyages regularly offer a 10-day Ocean Cruise of the British Isles starting from Liverpool. Ports included are Oban, Orkney, Honfleur in France, Guernsey and Cork in Ireland. The Ocean Countess ship will transport you for the entirety of the cruise, and offers all modern facilities in a classic and traditional setting. This holiday costs from £524 per person and is bookable through Newmarket Holidays.

The Fred Olsen cruise to Spain and Portugal takes nine days on the luxury liner Boudicca. Travellers embark from Liverpool and visit La Coruna, Vigo, Lisbon and Porto. The Boudicca vessel has outside berths available from £579 per person, a fee that includes all meals, complimentary hot drinks, entertainment, activities, as well as taxes and customs charges. This cruise is bookable through Iglu cruises.

But that's not all, even the Adriatic can be accessed from Liverpool now, with Fred Olsen's Boudicca venturing from Liverpool to Gibraltar, Malta, Venice, Corfu and Sardinia, all on the same voyage. This journey takes around 23 days and costs from £1519 per person for an outside cabin. This cruise is also bookable through Iglu.

Remember to keep checking for adjustments to cruise timetables, including new offerings. Cruises to and from Liverpool are becoming more and more popular and new destinations are frequently being added to the roster.

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