Cruises for intrepid travellers: sail to remote Arctic regions

If you feel inspired by photos of cruise ships on spectacular Norwegian fjords but would prefer to concentrate on just that, rather than a long cruise from the UK, why not get the best of both worlds and fly to this Scandinavian country of stunning natural beauty then sail the length of Norway’s coastline with Hurtigruten?

This 118 year-old specialist cruise company offers all year round cruises focusing on, amongst other things, the northern lights in winter and the midnight sun in summer. Depart daily from Bergen and reach remote ports and Arctic destinations not normally covered by commercial liners.

You’ll have a unique opportunity to visit places tourists don’t get to and meet the inhabitants of remote communities. There are special shore excursions, snowmobile safaris in Lapland, reindeer sleigh rides and dog sledging on the island of Kvaloya.

And Hurtigruten are currently offering a 50% discount on a second passenger’s booking if they are accompanying a full fare paying passenger. This offer is available on selected 12-Classic Round, 7-day Voyage North and 6-day Voyage South voyages if you book by the 30th of November.

Remember, autumn is a great time to visit Norway as you can still take advantage of the longer days and enjoying scenery that is awash with colour. Go to hurtigruten.com for further details, booking and promotional codes and check out norwegian.com for cheap flights to Bergen and other destinations in Norway.

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