This year's cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean

Cruises around the Eastern Mediterranean are a fantastic way to experience the history, culture and sights of this sun-drenched corner of the world. Cruising lets you sample the very best of this region without the stresses and hassle of flying, arranging for multiple visas, and arranging transfers and hotels from one city to the next. From the religious sites of the Holy Land, to the idyllic island villages of Greece, and the pristine beaches of Turkey, a cruise around the most enchanted part of the Med will take you there.

Many operators can take you to the Mediterranean without having to first fly to a distant departure port. P&O even embark from Southampton on a 21 day cruise all the way to Crimea, with stops at ports such as Athens, Ephesus, and Istanbul. This cruise is on board the luxurious Aurora ship, which features a Marco Pierre White restaurant, a stylish casino as well as numerous indoor and outdoor leisure facilities such as pools and a golf simulator. Prices for this cruise start from £2612 for an inside cabin, while outside cabins with a sea-view begin from around £3458. The cruise departs from Southampton on the 28th of August and returns to the city 21 days later.

Princess Cruises also offer a comprehensive tour of the region, with their cruise stopping at Ashdod for Jerusalem, Santorini, Capri, Patmos and Istanbul, amongst others. The cruise begins in Rome and ends in Athens, so flights will need to be arranged. The 7 night cruise sails throughout the summer and uses the Pacific Princess ship. For more details including pricing and online discounts, please contact Princess Cruises directly.

With many other cruise lines visiting the Eastern Mediterranean this year, there's never been a better time to visit.

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