Where to Purchase Cruiser Bikes to Take to Your Next Travel Destination

Cruiser bikes

If you are thinking of bringing cruiser bikes for your next vacation, have a look at Ride Low (ridelow.co.uk). The web store has a large selection of bicycles, scooters, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and children at reasonable prices.

Pick an Electra Betty 3i for your wife or girlfriend in black for £564.95. This 3-speed bike is ideal for the city or for trips to the countryside.

For a colourful ride, get the orange and black Electra Boney Mens Cruiser Bike for £606.95 featuring an upright seating position and a pleasant retro design.

Your daughter will surely fall in love with the Electra Coaster Alloy 1 that comes in a pink colour and black trimmings. Priced at £354.95, it is lightweight and gives a comfy and secure ride with its 'Retrorunner' tyres and wide saddle. For a funky and urban look, take the Peacock 3i Womens Bike that is priced at £584.95.

Explore intricate rural roads in the south of France or the narrow roads in Amsterdam on a bike with ease and comfort. Or, simply use one to go to work and beat monstrous traffic jams in your city. You can even take your new set of wheels on a train or attach it to a roof rack on your car.

Check out Freeborn (freeborn.co.uk) as well for reliable Ellsworth cruiser bikes. Get The Ride by Ellsworth for £1395 that features an aluminium frame and front forks. Available in 3 different colours, this bicycle is elegant and sturdy. For an extra £700, you can choose the Nuvinci Candy Apple or the Nuvinci Obsidian.

Consider the Signature Series for the ultimate in style, strength, and durability. It is sold at a price of £4,095 but usually retails for £6,095. Highlighting 'carbon fibre forks', mudguard, and chainguard, these high end bikes use the 'NuVinci CVP drive terrain' technology. Each numbered bicycle bears the signatures of their creator and designer, Tony Ellsworth and Don Miller.

Why not invest in cruiser bikes that you can take with you to your next camping or city destination? Purchasing beach cruisers saves you money in the long run as opposed to using rented ones. They are comfortable and sturdy. Besides, cycling is a hassle-free way of exploring an urban centre or countryside at nearly zero cost.

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