Cruise the Literary Med

The operator that brought us bargain basement cruising in the Med, Easycruise, Easycruise.com, has injected a bit of culture into its itineraries with the launch of a 'Classical Greece' tour from Athens.

The seven-day trip on Easycruiseone provides an opportunity to visit historical sites such as the Acropolis, ancient Corinth, the ruins of Mycenae and Nemea, Ithaca, the birthplace of Odysseus, the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, Olympia and the Temple of Apollo.

At a price of only £70 per person, (excluding flights ), you may as well be paying ancient Greek prices.

Or if your tastes are a touch more Celtic, then check out Saga, who have joined forces with the National Trust to offer a series of cruises designed to appeal to Trust members.

Its Celtic Legends cruise, for example, will visit Trust houses and gardens in Northern Ireland, and there will be onboard lectures about other historic houses. Part of the cost will go to support the Trust's work. Details from saga.co.uk/nationaltrust.

Oh, there has been a noted absence of some guests of late when cruises return to berth, so save the drama for the Greek Sagas and don’t be throwing yourself overboard!!

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