Find out what cruise specialist travel agents are offering this year!

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Cruise holidays are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to the overdone beach holiday. With fine food, superb entertainment and a blissful ambience onboard a luxurious cruise liner becoming the holiday of choice for many, cruise specialist travel agents are popping up everywhere and trying to out do each other with tremendous prices and destinations on cruises.

One of the leading cruise specialist travel agents in Ireland is Cruise Holidays. They have some terrific deals running in 2011 that you might want to check out on their website. One of their top deals is a mesmerising cruise around the U.A.E, Oman and Bahrain. If you're free for 7 nights in October, you can enjoy the unique flavour of the Middle East for just €483.

The Middle East cruise is provided by MSC Cruises. Their liners are the pinnacle of comfort and glamour. Each stateroom is furnished with two lower bunks convertible to a king size bed, satellite tv, mini-bar and telephone.

Another fantastic cruise offer with Cruise Holidays is 7 night around the Mediterranean and the Adriatic Coast. Cruise passengers are treated to the special sights of Venice, where the liner departs from, and move on to experience the glorious city of Bari in Southern Italy and the mysterious charms of Dubrovnik in Croatia. This once in a lifetime cruise is available now for €464.

Check out Cruise Holidays and other cruise specialist travel agents now to find the deal of the summer. Just be quick; these deals won't hang around forever.

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