Cruise sales in 2015

Already looking for a getaway this year? There are plenty of cruise sales to choose from for 2015 so what better way to relax than by sipping on a drink while cruising under the sun and exploring various parts of the world. Let's take a look at some tips and deals 2015 has to offer.

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There is a debate about when to book a cruise. Booking far in advance will ensure that you get the ship, exact room and seating that your heart desires. You might also be able to save a bit of money as you can usually avoid credit card fees. For those that are just looking for a great deal booking last minute might be the way to go. You do run the risk not getting your ideal room and price though so weigh this up when deciding.

There is also National Cruise Vacation Week with sales galore popping up online. Discounts and offers can range from onboard credit, a small percentage off of your overall fee, upgrades or if you are lucky, 2 for 1 cruise fares. The date of this sale week changes from year to year, so keep your eyes open for when this takes place in 2015.

Cruise lines will usually have sales throughout the year. Celebrity Cruise has a sale going on in early 2015. If you book an Oceanview stateroom or above on select cruises, they will provide you with free drinks, free gratuities or onboard spending money and up to £400 off certain European cruise routes. Western Caribbean Cruise has a last minute luxury deal starting at only £219 per person for an interior room for 5 nights in January.

Thomson have an online discount on fly cruises where you can save £50 on a 7 night cruise or £100 on 14 nights. There is also an Ancient Wonders cruise in May starting at £445 starting where you leave from Marmaris and explore historic wonders on a week long trip. If exploring cathedrals and walking along cobbled streets sounds like a better option, check out the Adriatic Affair which sales from Dubrovnik at £454 per person for 7 nights in mid May. Wherever you book your tickets, make sure to check terms and conditions on any deal offers.

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