Find a cruise holiday from the UK

If your idea of a perfect vacation is a ringside view of fantastic scenery, then cruises would be an ideal choice. Here we highlight 5 of the best options for a cruise holiday from the UK.


Always near the top of the popularity lists for cruises, Alaska is the perfect location for views of stunning bays, dazzling glaciers and exotic wildlife.

Baltic and North Europe

There are so many iconic cities on the Baltic seaboard that this cruise is the ideal way to savour several cultural delights in a short space of time. Naturally locations like Finland, Latvia and Estonia attract huge numbers of tourists, but once you do get a chance to explore after the cruise ship has berthed, you’ll come across many hidden treasures off the beaten track.


Crystal blue water, unspoilt golden sands and palm-tree festooned islands – these are the traditional images conjured up by the words Caribbean cruise. The Caribbean covers a vast area, with islands like Bermuda, Jamaica and the Bahamas all having their own distinctive cultures and a host of interesting places to visit.


Departing from Venice, the Star Princess will take you through scores of scenic Greek islands (and I’ll bet you weren’t aware that there are about 6,000 Greek islands!). You can even relive your favourite scenes from the smash-hit movie Mamma Mia, which were filmed in the area!

South Pacific

These cruises will take you round some truly memorable landscapes, from New Zealand to the Fiji Islands. One recommended trip is a week-long excursion on the Paul Gaugin. The staterooms are finely decorated, with top-class cuisine and shore excursions on offer. Amongst the stop-off points is the tropical paradise of Tahiti.


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