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Cruise 1st TV

Cruise 1st is a leading cruise specialist providing amazing Mediterranean, Caribbean and Worldwide cruises to give you your perfect holiday. On a cruise holiday you can enjoy everything from pampering spa treatments and sports, to salsa classes and fine dining. Cruise 1st TV provides you with the best deals around, to suit all budgets no matter how large or small.

Cruise 1st can offer highly competitive prices and service as well as being able to offer tailor made cruises to give you your dream holiday.

Why not book your next cruise holiday through Cruise 1st, to Venice and The Greek Isles for nine days, in September for £1498.00. Venice is such a romantic city, team that with the beautiful Greek Islands you are guaranteed an amazing holiday that you will never forget.

You could book a cruise from Rome travelling through Sicily, Rhodes and back into Italy from as little as £1398.00 departing in November for eleven days.  Imagine being relaxed on a boat enjoying the beautiful scenery soaking up the sun - log onto Cruise 1st now and book a great deal!

If a cruise in the Western Caribbean is more your thing, then why not book a fourteen night break for as little as £1998.00. Travelling through Florida and Mexico, you will travel through some small tropical islands just off the mainland so you can experience diving and swimming at the most wonderful beaches. Or you could try a 4x4 adventure in the dense jungles near Mexico. Cruise holidays are designed for all, so whatever you decide to do there will be a perfect cruise holiday out there for you and your family!

Book your Cruise 1st holiday deal now and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the surroundings!

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