Ferry crossings to France

Perhaps the most popular ferry company for crossings to France is Brittany ferries, and there's a reason for its popularity. For a start they offer the best choice of ferry routes to France, sailing from Portsmouth, Plymouth, Poole and Cork, and landing at Roscoff, St. Malo, Cherbourg and Caen, so they're usually the most convenient wherever you're based and wherever you want to go.

They also operate the most modern fleet of ferries, which allows them to offer high speed cruises, cutting down your journey time, and while you're on the ferry itself you can relax on a reclining chair or even book yourself a cabin for increased comfort and privacy. All of this and more led them to win the 'Which?' customer satisfaction survey in July 2011, so you can be confident that you'll be in for a pleasant trip. You can book a ferry with them direct from brittany-ferries.co.uk.

For cheaper prices or if you'd rather travel from Dover to Calais look no further than seafrance.com. Dover to Calais is the only route they offer, so they have less flexibility than Brittany Ferries, but for the most part their prices are significantly lower, offering tickets for as low as £30 each way.

P and O ferries offer similarly low prices, and can be booked from poferries.com, but again you're limited to crossings between Dover and Calais.

Wherever you choose to go from, you won't go wrong with any of these companies. If you're happy to go from Dover to Calais and don't mind missing out on a few luxuries during the crossing then book with Sea France or P and O, but for ultimate flexibility and an enjoyable trip Brittany Ferries is unbeatable.

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