Croatia - what the holiday doctor ordered

Croatia is one of the most underrated countries in Europe, which is probably why it’s still so incredibly nice.

Croatia is a small country over the water from Italy. Despite a war-torn past Croatiais exceptionally beautiful and the tourist trade has been gradually picking up over recent years.

Beyonce holidays there so it must be pretty swish, with a lot to offer, (including paparazzi if you’re the famous sort). The singer has forgone what The Daily Mail describes as the "traditional showbiz haunts" of St Tropez and Portofino in favour of "one of Europe's newest and trendiest hotspots". Beyonce performed in Zagreb earlier in the year as part of her world tour and promised to return to Croatia for her holidays.

If a hundred thousand pounds is out of your price range, never mind. There are plenty of places to stay on a budget, you might have to sacrifice the jet skis but if you have arms you can swim instead, slower, but better for the environment.

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