Magnificent Croatia holidays from Dublin

If your looking for a holiday with a difference, Croatia holidays from Dublin could be the answer for you. With amazing deals currently available on the market from a host of different agencies now is the time to book your vacation to Croatia for a memorable time.

Croatia situated on the Adriatic coast is known among tourists as been as one of the sunniest spots in Europe with temperatures reaching 30 degrees in the month of August. Croatia offers a unique style of holiday due to the beautiful coastlines, bars and restaurants and world heritage sites, Croatia really is a must with sites to behold.

Sunway are a company who are offering Croatia holidays from Dublin and at very attractive prices it becomes even the more appealing. For a seven night stay in Argosy Hotel in Babin Kuk they have the complete holiday package on offer for €714 with flights from Dublin. If this deal sounds good you can book it on line at www.sunway.ie or alternatively you can call Sunway at (01) 2311888.

Another company on the market is Croatia tours and at the minute they have a Summer holiday 2011 sale on with some very good deals with a good variety of resorts to pick from. One such deal available from them is a seven night complete package on the Island of Mljet with flights from Dublin. If you think this could be the deal for you then you can book it on line at www.croatiatours.ie.

If these deals are not appealing to you there is a whole host of companies available on line. So log on today and search for Croatia holidays from Dublin and take the first step on your way to the perfect holiday.




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