Croatia? Absolutely, just not by train!

Firstly, there is only one train that runs from Milan to Zagreb. It leaves at 7pm in the evening and arrives in Zagreb at 4am. Not too bad you say – I could manage that. You think so? Don’t even try it.

Right, so you can’t book a seat on an Italian train from outside Italy on the TrenItaliawebsite, which means by the time you get to Milan Centrale there are no sleepers left. Which further means that you’ll be sharing a cabin with a random pick of 5 of society’s potentially loudest snorers, mumblers, farters and gaspers – this train goes all the way to Hungary – say no more. (And that's not even mentioning the border guards and ticket inspectors who’ll wake you up every time you just about manage to doze off in a back-breaking position.)

So if you want to get to Croatia – and you should – it’s beautiful. Then take a flight with Ryanair into Zadar – which will give you access to the magnificent blue Adriatic and the dizzyingly delicious choice of Croatian islands accessible from Split – a town itself worth a visit. Or fly into Zagreb with Germanwings, Wizzair, or Croatia Airlines to name a few.

Zagrebwill really surprise you – quiet, yet with a wealth of galleries and museums for the culture vulture – great affordable food; the best apple strudel in the world – and a fine, if civilized, nightlife.

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