Taking Crete holidays from Ireland?

Ireland is going through its worst economic downturn in many years and with unemployment being at an all time high the country is not in a great place! Those of you who are lucky enough to have a job will be looking to take a break from the country and Crete is a fantastic destination to take a break from the stresses of everyday life. There are brilliant deals out there and I will show you the best offers for Crete holidays from Ireland.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and many people lucky enough to have visited the island have said that if there was a beauty contest between the Greek isles then Crete would be the winner.

The three-star Driades Apartments in Crete are situated in the lovely village of Piskopiano where the locals have taken the Irish under their wing for years so it is perfect for Crete holidays from Ireland. The apartments have a swimming pool and are close to the wonderful sandy beach and it is priced at a very reasonable £279 per person for seven nights from panoramaholidays.ie.

A seven night stay in the Frida Apartments in Crete for £279 per person is an offer nobody should pass by. This popular resort is just a few minutes walk from the village of Piskopiano and 1,000 metres from the centre of Hersonnissos and the beach. There are two types of accommodation, you can have a studio or an apartment with the apartment being slightly larger. This deal comes from directholidays.co.uk. I hope you enjoy your Crete holidays from Ireland.



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