Craziest Rumors about North Korea

Along with many other things, the communist country of North Korea is known for its strong propaganda and strict policies on controlling media or any type of communication with other countries or people. There are plenty of rumours about this country and it is hard to know which ones are fact or fiction, but here are some of the craziest rumours that have been shared over the years.

1. Kim Jong-un executed a traffic woman in the capital city of Pyongyang for sneezing. This is a ridiculous rumour that never happened.

2. Kim Jong-un assassinated his pop-singer girlfriend Hyon Song-wol after reportedly starring in an adult film. This turned out to be false as she later appeared on North Korean television and looked healthy and alive.


3. After arresting and executing his uncle Jang Song-thaek for insubordination in 2012 there were rumours that 120 hungry dogs tore him into bits. It was later discovered that this information was found on a Chinese satirical website, Tencent Weibo.

4. There were rumours in 2014 that the North Korea law required all men to have the same haircut as the supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. Men’s hair cannot be longer than 2 cm and it appears that they are in fact closely monitoring it.


5. While this may not be exactly "crazy" the most recent rumor is that Kim Jong-un has killed another general in his regime.

6. They have created a hangover free liquor in the Taedonggang Foodstuff Factory lab. Finally.


7. North Korea announced that they found a medicine made from ginseng that is able to cure MERS, SARS, AIDS and Ebola. Wow, they have been busy!

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