Country Cottages

If you're heading to Ireland this year to soak up some of that authentic Irish rain, a country cottage might be the best place to stay. There is no better way to experience the real Ireland than to stay in a nice thatched roof cottage complete with an authentic rustic rural vibe. It's up to you to decide which area of Ireland to visit but to help you narrow it down, head over to the waterfordcottages website. They post some good arguments in favour of Waterford.

Coole cottages offer five star self catering holiday cottages located in the beautiful county of Waterford. Waterford is a pretty and bustling river city just a short drive from the accommodation. The cottages are located beside the ancient oaks of Colligan forest, a short walk from the Colligan river. If you need to bring your pet with you, Coole cottages welcome all animals. Head over to the Waterford Cottages website to get more information on how to book your summer cottage holiday. When you see what is on offer you won't want to spend your time in Ireland any other way.

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