Countries where prostitution is legal

According to Chartsbin, there are 77 countries in the world where prostitution is legal, 11 where it is restricted and 5 where there are no laws regarding it whatsoever. Then there are the countries where it is illegal by law but it is still very much present in society. Here is a look at how prostitution differs in legality from country to country.

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A few of the countries where prostitution is legal are highly regulated. Austria, for example, requires each prostitute to be registered, have regular health examinations and pay taxes on all income. Turkey also requires prostitutes to be registered and have ID cards stating the date of health checks noting any STDs. Prostitutes in Singapore are required to carry a health card and are obligated to have periodic health checks.

There are many countries, especially in Asia where prostitution is illegal by law but still allowed and even sometimes partially regulated. In Thailand, for example, prostitution is illegal but the country is a very well known destination for sex tourism. Prostitution is illegal in Japan but non-coital services are accepted. And in Bangladesh, female prostitution is legal but male prostitution is illegal.

Benin, Armenia, Brazil, Canada, Slovakia and a few other countries all have legal prostitution, but other co-morbid aspects, such as pimping or operating a brothel, are illegal. If caught in any of these illegal activities in Armenia for example, violators can receive 1-10 years in prison.

In the UK, prostitution is legal, but kerb crawling and soliciting in public places, pimping, owning a brothel and other various activities are illegal. It is also seen as an offence if one pays for sex with a prostitute who has been 'subjected to force'. In January of 2015, paying for sex was officially criminalized in the UK.

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