Kick back and Relax with Cottages on the Beach

Cottages on the beach

Holiday season is approaching and cottages on the beach are the way to go if you are intent on maximum relaxation. We list a few of the best locations to stay to help you make up your mind on your next holiday destination.

A great place to have a getaway is Ireland and there are many self-catering holiday cottages by the beach to choose from throughout Ireland. When booking through Imagine Ireland you can find amazing deals starting at just £135 per week for a self catering cottage. All cottages listed on this site are within 3 miles of a beach so you will be a great location.

Visit www.imagineireland.com/Beach-holiday-cottages-in-ireland/ for a list of the top 10 beaches in Ireland and once you have decided on a beach then all you have to do is book your cottage.

If you are more interested in sunnier weather then booking cottages on the beach is possible through www.spain-holiday.com/. There are some fantastic deals to be found on here with self catering villas right on the beach going for as little as £70 per week.

These great prices are available as the year wears on and booking in late October/ early November is prime time to save. If you are interested in going in the summer then prices will naturally be higher but there is still plenty of value to be found on this site.

Make sure to search both these sites thoroughly to make sure you smoke out the absolute best bargains and your holiday is sure to be one to remember.

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