Cottages in Dorset: Everything to Love about Old and New England

Dorset, which is the nickname for the county of Dorsetshire, is one of the most tourist-friendly regions in the UK, receiving over 18 million tourists each year. More than half of the region is officially recognized as an ‘area of outstanding beauty’. The place also boasts of a mixture of modern and ancient attractions, ranging from historic and archaeological attractions like the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site and the Maiden Castle to the region’s stunning resorts. It also has famous landmarks like Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. With so many attractions to enjoy, more than a few days’ stay is definitely required and you will get to enjoy greater savings if you book for self-catering cottages in Dorset.

Something Old and Charming

DorsetCoastalCottages.com specializes in providing old, but quaintly charming coastal cottages that boast of cosy designs and majestic views of the coast. An example of this is the Old Dairy Cottage, which had been converted to six single-storey barns and surrounded with what used to be a farmyard. Each barn has one bedroom and is great for couples wishing for a more secluded vacation.

Something New and Fun

If, however, you want something a little over the top and more like your dream cottages in Dorset, the aptly named dream-cottages.co.uk is probably more to your liking. Describing itself as the largest cottage agency in Dorset, the website offers cottage rentals such as Laira, a beautiful stone cottage set in a pleasant little village. The Laira has three bedrooms, can accommodate up to four persons, and is within walking distance of the village’s pub, general store and farm shop. Rates are from £331 to £700 for a week.

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