Find cottages in Derbyshire that sleeps 12 people

Cottages in Derbyshire that sleeps 12 people

Use online booking websites to look for and book cottages in Derbyshire that sleeps 12 people for holidays from now until summer 2012. Select your requirements including length of stay, number of people in your party, where you would like your cottage to be, any special requirements, and the dates of your holiday. Use some of these sites to find your perfect holiday cottages in Derbyshire that sleeps 12 people.

Ownersdirect.com is one of the most used holiday cottage booking websites in the UK for finding holiday accomodation for big groups in areas such as Derbyshire. Ownersdirect.co.uk currently has a house in Derbyshire to hire which sleeps up to 18 people in seven bedrooms. This house comes with an indoor heated swimming pool, and prices start from £1800 per weekend. Another fantastic option that is remarkably affordable is a Luxurtfarmhouse close to Dovedale in the Peak District which sleeps up to 29 people in thirteen bedrooms. Prices for the wholr farmhouse start from only £1300 per week.

holidaylettings.co.uk is a one stop shop for finding accomodation on Derbyshire which is suitable for large parties of 12 or more. They currently have nine properties listed in Derbyshire which sleep 12 or more people. They range from farm houses to large cottages to a manor house. A six bedroom listed property to sleep 12 in Matlock, Derbyshire costs from only £950 per week. The week starting the 4th of November, which is considered low season is only £950 for the whole property for the whole week.

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