Getting the best deal on cottages in Dorset

Are you on the lookout for a holiday that you won't need another holiday to recover from? Something that offers relaxation and a more sedate pace of life as the main selling point? If so, then have you been looking into the array of holiday cottages in Dorset? In our humble opinion, it is the perfect place to go and unwind for a few days and lose yourself in one of the most inspirational settings in the UK. In this blog, we are going to show you where to find these holiday cottages!

Dorset has gained a reputation as the place to go in the UK if you are in need of inspiration. Generations of writers have gone there to pen their most famous works, with authors such as James Bond's Ian Fleming and Douglas Adams, author of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, finding their inspiration on England's sunshine coast. Due to the growing demand to rent out a cottage in the area, a number of dedicated sites have popped up to serve the need, and the site we'll be recommending is Holiday Cottages and their dedicated Dorset page at www.holidaycottages.co.uk/dorset.

This site is a fantastic resource for anoyone looking to snare a holiday cottage in Dorset for a reasonable price. There is a huge array of cottages to choose from (63 at the time of writing), and you simply enter the dates you want to travel to see the array of cottages they have available. Cottages on the site seem to have a going rate of around £250 to £500, depending on what size of Cottage you want to rent and even looking at the cottages you could be staying in on the site is a soothing experience!

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