The best sites to help you find a cottage in Dorset

Thinking of hitting up the Dorset countryside in an effort to find yourself and relax a bit away from the annoyances of the modern world? The Dorset cottages trade is growing all of the time, with more and more people enjoying a "staycation" closer to home, allowing them the chance to unwind without having to go through the stress of airports and huge waits at security and immigration. If this sounds appealing to you, then we are going to check out your options for renting a cottage in Dorset.

The first of these options is a site offering a huge range of Dorset Holiday cottages for an extremely reasonable price, and that site is www.dorsetcoastalcottages.com/. This site specialises in self-catering holiday cottages near the Dorset coast, and cottages are available to rent for short term or long term leases. They also have cottages to suit a huge variety of numbers, aswell as pet friendly properties.

Another fantastic site to check out which offers a whopping range of up to 300 different properties in the area is Dream Cottages, who you can find online at www.dream-cottages.co.uk/. Dream Cottages cater more to the luxury end of the market, but if you are looking to get away with a few of your friends, then they offer some fantastic properties for large groups too, so they are well worth a gander.

For a more general look at property in the area, we suggest pointing your browser towards www.devonanddorsetcottages.co.uk/ as they carry a massive selection of properties all along the waterfront, and in the sleepy countryside and surrounding area.

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