Costa Rica; a green country in all senses of the word.

It’s hardly surprising that Costa Rica features on the Lonely Planet’s list of Top 10 spots to visit in Central America, with 2 entries. Not only is it considered to be the most politically stable country in Central America (it’s the only Latin American country included in the list of the world's 22 older democracies), it also ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is said to be the ‘greenest’ country in the world.

In 2007 the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica to become the first carbon neutral country by 2021. The country pioneered ecotourism and is recognized as one of the few countries that offer the real thing. It receives more visitors than any other Central American country, attracted by the extensive national parks, protected areas, incredible biodiversity and the chance for spectacular zip lining in tropical rainforests. The Tortuguero National Park is the most important nesting site for the endangered green turtle.

Just north of the equator, the climate is all-year-round tropical, with a dry season, from December to April, and a rainy season, from May to November. So visit now before the rain begins, and see ecology in action.

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