Forget planes, trains & automobiles, travel by sea! Check out Costa cruises now!

If you truly want to relax on your holiday, then there is no better way than travelling by cruise ship! No need to think about transport, food, accommodation?.it is all organised for you! And when it comes to choosing a cruise company, we recommend Costa Cruises. It is famous for its excellent service, and is considered the number one cruise company in Europe. With a history spanning more than 60 years Costa cruises sail to 250 destinations in and around locations including the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic Sea, Northern Europe, South America, the United Arab Emirates and more!

What does a Costa cruise include? Well, you are truly spoilt for choice! As part of the cost of your Costa cruise ticket you receive your cabin accommodation, all meals, transport from port to port, on-board activities and entertainment. Depending on the size and type of cabin you select, the cruise fare price can vary. For example, an internal cabin is generally a bit cheaper than an external one which offers a view.

What can I do onboard a Costa cruise?  For starters, you can never get bored on a Costa cruise boat! You have access to a beauty salon, spa facilities, fitness room, casino library and much more! There are also several bars and clubs that you can visit and a variety of restaurants and cafés to choose from! Entertainment includes Broadway shows, live music and discos. You can even participate in themed parties arranged by the cruise staff!

What is there to do on land? Costa Cruise allows you the chance to book land excursions at the destination to which you are travelling. Usually, you must book these excursions at least seven days prior to secure your spot.

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